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How to Embrace Life to the Fullest and Feel
Vibrant Beyond Sixty

Welcome to Your Online Community for Women over 60!

I imagine you are here because you are yearning for new beginnings — looking for emotional support — or seeking inspiration from like-minded women who also want to embrace life to the fullest in their later years. If so, you have come to the right place.  Here you can connect with a vibrant online community of women over 60, begin to empower yourself, benefit from personal counselling, and learn about EFT and other energy healing techniques in the process.

It is never too late to grow in mind, body and spirit, or deepen your social connections. And it is rightfully your time to focus on what really matters to you.

Are you wishing you had more meaning or purpose in your life?

Are you struggling to pursue your creativity interests?

Are you yearning for more quality time with your grandchildren?

Are you holding yourself  back from pursuing a lifelong dream?

Have you ever wondered what’s holding you back?

It is not that unusual when we hit 60 or 70 that life can present some very special challenges. We may be surprised to find that with more time on our hands we feel emotionally stuck, unable to make things happen. The stress that this creates, if unattended to, will ultimately affect our physical health — if it hasn’t already — and our general well beingSo what can we do to stay happy, healthy, vital and active?

Women Empowering Women

As women, we recognize that we are social beings. We have learned over time that everything is easier when we do it together, rather than go it alone. We know the value of community.

Welcome to Vibrant Beyond Sixty, a safe place to share stories, wisdom, inspiration and friendship. Together, we can learn to appreciate our most endearing and enduring qualities. We can gain courage hearing about the experiences of others. We can build resilience instead of resistance, and embrace change more easily.

I invite you to browse through this site. Read articles and blogs, listen to podcasts, and engage in our online community. Reach out for advice, personal coaching, or in-depth counselling, especially if you are struggling to break through emotional blocks that might be holding you back from being as vibrant as you can be.

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We want to remain relevant as a resource for women over 60. To that end, we would like to know, as our offerings and community base expand, how you would like to access information from us. Please share your thoughts.

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