— What You Need to Know —
Coaching and 
Counselling for Women over Sixty

Benefits of Heart-Centered Coaching

These are trying times, especially for seniors. Many, if not most of us, may be experiencing feelings of isolation, fear, and financial insecurity since the coronavirus has gone rampant across the world. While we are having to lock down and self-isolate, we need to do what we can to reach out and connect with others so that we can deal with our anxiety, sense of loneliness and loss. What you need to know about heart-centered personal coaching and counselling for women over 60:

If you are seeking a gentle way to understand what is holding you back or challenging you at this stage, you will feel at ease with my counselling approach. It is rooted in years of professional experience as a psychotherapist, working with both couples and individuals, and enhanced by new learnings and practices using evidence-based Energy Psychology. You can learn more about the underpinnings of my approach here.

Perhaps you have lost touch with what you value most. Or you feel unable to move forward because of a current event or triggering memories of the past. You can learn to calm those feelings so that you can enjoy life again. Working together we can tap into your emotional, physical  and spiritual needs to:

  • Release the pain of past traumas

  • Discover your potential

  • Uncover your strengths

  • Find your creative expression

  • Celebrate who you are becoming

Being more in touch with your true self will help you:

  • Feel more vibrant and joyful

  • Become focused and purposeful

  • Be more present (less reactive)

  • Find inner peace

Over time, you will notice that you have deepened your relationships, created a trusted close circle of friends, and extended your social connections.

Where to Meet

Securely Encrypted Video-Conferencing Sessions

For the safety of my clients and our families, and following the health guidelines regarding physical distancing during COVID-19, I am seeing clients only using a secure video-conferencing platform.

Working face-to-face with my clients online, I am able to create an environment that feels surprisingly intimate, safe and casual. And as we have become more accustomed to life “on the net”, my clients are noting the time-saving benefits of not travelling to and from appointments, as well as being able to fit their sessions into their workdays and new at-home lifestyles.

You don’t have to live nearby to schedule a confidential (securely-encrypted) video-conference session. I work with clients from all over the world. Please contact me to discuss how this works.

In Person

Once the virus is no longer a threat, and we are able to get out and about safely, I will be able once again to offer in-person counselling to you. If you live within driving distance of my Ottawa, Ontario office, I will meet you here for an initial appointment, and follow up in-person or by videoconference, if that is more convenient.

Counselling for Women Over Sixty

  • Hourly Rate –  $150.00 CAD
  • Initial Session only (1½ hours) – $225.00 CAD

(Please Note) I realize that the onset of this pandemic is causing financial hardships for many. Feel free to discuss your personal situation with me when you call.

Federal or Provincial taxes (HST or PST) may apply if you live in Canada.

After your first 1.5 hour appointment, we typically meet for one hour. Some clients require just a few sessions to resolve a particular issue. Others may need more support, and that is fine. We will determine what is best for you as we work together.

Insurance Coverage

In Canada, if your company has an Employee Assistance or Extended Healthcare Plan, you may be reimbursed for these services. Most health care plans include coverage for psychologists, registered psychotherapists and social workers. 

Whether you live in Canada or elsewhere, please check to see if my licensed services are covered under your plan. I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), and I have a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology.

I realize that you may be retired, or about to retire, but some companies have ongoing or post-retirement benefit plans to help former employees over 60 access counselling. It is worth investigating.

Scheduling an Appointment

Let’s begin with a free, no-obligation call where we can talk about your current situation and some of the challenges that you may be facing. During this call, we will plan the best way to move forward, discuss how video-conference sessions work, and set up your first appointment, when you are ready.

You will be able to set up future appointments on your own by calling me, using my appointment calendar, or discussing your availability at the end of the each session.

How to Contact Me

To get started, call me toll-free (in North America) at 1-877-980-2333 or fill in the Contact form below, and I will reply within 24 hours. If it is more convenient, you can set up a telephone or video consult with me right now on the Vibrant Beyond Sixty appointment calendar. I look forward to hearing from you either way.